Prescient Super Sad True Love Story - Delivers

by ed kishinevsky

I finished the novel Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart.  I loved this book.  It was just super plain fun to read, which is a major irony running in the book's not-too-distant future setting.  The main story, multiple story lines, setting, and characters are more than prescient - they're radically current.  The ending is apropot. 


Thanks to @TedManger for the recommendation.

Wichita by Thad Ziolkowski

by ed kishinevsky in

This book rocked! A charming, witty, fun, dark, contemporary novel.  

For me, is perfect.  Good son, bad son, divorced parents, academia, WT, meth, E, Cambridge, south of France, etc.  Just right, with good parts of darkness, because you know it's a novel, so you're wondering how moreso than what, and then it happens.  brilliant. fun. pick it up if you like the writers I do.  NY Times review of Wichita.