Guggenheim Visit - Chaos and Classicism Exhibition

by ed kishinevsky in

Made a field trip to the Guggenheim this weekend to check the Chaos and Classicism exhibition.  This was work produced during the 'inter-war' period.  it's highly charged, uber-creative (of course), but political.  you see emotional energy in the period - from the dawn of the armistice and the rise from the depth of war through the strengthening to the brink - or as the Guggenheim set - the 1936 olympic games.

Really enjoyed the work, the energy.  I love the guggenheim.  I feel connected to the work when i'm there.  The site's writeup will do a much better job than me of explaining the details and the artists, but I do say the energy is sharp, and strong.  Recommend strongly, if you enjoy art and feeling.

This is Fridel Dehleffs-Edelmann.  self-portrait wearing an artist's smock.  Germany. 1932.

1 more work from the online exhibit.

Enjoy, and hope to see you later in the week.