Predictably Irrational. @danariely leaves me wanting more

by ed kishinevsky

Finished reading Predictably Irrational by @danariely. For me, I'd say it's just a bit above average. There are many examples of what people do, and how to shape behavior, but what's missing for me is the why. There is a some attention to say that most people have fear of losing what they've attained - hence risk aversion. For me - that's not the insight. For me I want to know why people are afraid of losing what they've attained? Why do people fear the unknown, and prefer the devil they know over the devil they don't.

Don't we want to unlock that answer? the human truth? is risk aversion because people have worked hard to attain where they are/what they have and don't want to give that back? (is it that simple?) or is risk aversion because they're afraid of what happens when they have a new (blank) canvas? that to me is interesting. particularly today because we're so connected. I think this is interesting. I think what it says is that connections still have to begin on a personal level. they can grow from there - really just like ideas.  maybe now we're getting somewhere.  

Thanks. God Bless