Charles Murray's Coming Apart is a passionate call for America

by ed kishinevsky in ,

Finally finished the Charles Murray book Coming Apart.  Super interesting thesis - Essentially two major points:

1) The upper class has a responsibility to get back involved in the moral foundation of this country.  ( I don't disagree).  And I think there is an over PC space that we've gone to that isn't always making sense anymore.  We have to be real and true, and call things out. Like Chris Rock when he said 'you're supposed to take care of your kids.'  Kids are better with two parents (better if they're the biological parents).  

Essentially, Murray is saying it's time we come back to the notion of personal, as well as community responsibility.  The point here is that it's not just what's right, but that things like work and marriage make people happier - they give people a sense of self-worth, self-respect - things that the welfare states of Europe cannot give people.  I think he's right here.  There are times for welfare, surely, and I can attest, but personal uplift is beautiful, strong - and it is the American story - or American Project (as Murray calls it).  His thesis is passionate, and what is clear is that he loves America - and his purpose with the book is to raise a red flag and start the conversation for rebuilding our national fabric. 

Interesting that he (and other socio works I've read) quote de Toqueville as support for a track record of strength.  And that gets into why the US is a great spirit of a country - that in these tough times, we as a people do come together, and find a way to straighten ourselves out.  And I believe there really is a magic spirit about this country.  

Like Churchill said, Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing...after they have exhausted all other possibilities.  

Let's do it guys!!