Norm McDonald takes on emojis for Chevrolet

by ed kishinevsky

Is it semiotics? or have we finally told words, text, copy, writing to take a hike. This emoji academy presented by Chevrolet, with the obligatory: #ChevyGoesEmoji is really fun actually.

The 4-part series pokes fun at those in Norm's age bracket, as naturally being out of the loop with the current lingo, language, in-thing. you get it. Each content piece is quite consumable in length and takes on the Rocky story line, from not having a chance to winning it all - with the proper teen girl sensations as trainers, of course. 

The other thing that just hit me is that this is how we take our content now - immediate, but in bursts. like binge-watching shows, but with 2-minute video nuggets.

Why not I say. When in Rome.